Two words that can propel your digital marketing career.


I want you to remember 2 words for rest of your working life if you are planning to become a digital marketer OR already one: Upskilling / reskilling.

People often think digital marketing will dethrone traditional media like TV, Print etc. Spoiler: It won’t. 

You need to understand that its impossible (at present) for digital media to create the impact that a TV or Print media offer. To the credit of digital media, traditional media can’t match the dynamic nature and efficiency that the digital media brings in.

Most people think that marketers are simply spending more money on digital media to tick off an item in checklist , hence the medium is growing at double digits every year. This assumption is wrong. Increasingly, marketers are allocating more monies on platforms that are “accountable”. In other words, they want a complete visibility on how their investments enhance their marketing funnel. Since digital offers great measurement and granular insights at every stage, marketers allocate a fair share of their marketing spends to digital.

However, the world is moving towards combining the broadcasting power of TV with the audience mapping and ad-serving capability of digital. When this goes full stream, the market for digital marketing will explode and it will create massive demand. Unfortunately, there’s always a great dearth of talent for digital marketing jobs.

Let’s take a step back. There are 3 types of people in digital marketing job scene:

  1. College grads and first jobbers who are entering the digital marketing domain
  2. Digital marketing professionals who have a good understanding and working knowledge of digital media
  3. Those who are presently working in traditional marketing/media roles and are looking to pivot to digital marketing

All 3 of them have the potential to make it big in digital marketing. While it’s an advantage to have an experience in digital marketing, it’s also NOT a disadvantage for not having enough experience in digital marketing! Digital is a great leveller :).

The fact is, digital marketing is ever evolving and it’s extremely progressive in nature. This makes it necessary for everyone in the digital marketing domain to constantly upskill and reskill themselves.

Are you fresh out of college and tech savvy? That’s nice. But are you savvy enough with basics of Google Adwords and Facebook media platform?

You know digital media planning? Great, but did you upskill yourself with programmatic media buying, eCommerce media buying, advanced analytics, dashboard software like Tableau / PowerBI etc?

Are you an experienced traditional media planner / buyer? You will be in demand if you re-skill yourself with digital media planning, cross-channel planning and buying etc.

Are you a designer? You can potentially double your salary by upskilling yourself with JavaScript, HTML5, expertise in a CMS (Content Management System) etc.

And its never been this easy to gain access to the knowledge and training that’s so efficient and world class.

Udemy offers hundreds of digital marketing, analytics, coding courses for less than $15!

Known for its Nano degrees, Udacity could take your credentials to new heights.

You can also upskill / re-skill yourself with Adwords and Facebook marketing for free via Google AcademyFB blueprint etc.

If you think this is too much of an effort and feel this is an exhaustive process, I just want to leave you with a great Chinese proverb:

 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


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