Engineer your product’s sales velocity through smart marketing.

There is a good old saying that only a complicated mind can simplify things. I really can't find a better quote to explain what Sales Velocity actually is. It's so simple to understand, yet have a complex design under the hood makes it more fascinating. In any B2B / enterprise or a SaaS org, the marketing … Continue reading Engineer your product’s sales velocity through smart marketing.

AI in Martech.

I often come across my agency friends, students, folks in Quora who asks me whether AI will change digital marketing as we know it. To which I usually tell them: It's not whether, but when. While we all aware that AI will impact every industry, it's not new to Adtech. In fact, Adtech might be … Continue reading AI in Martech.

Do you have a mobile strategy?

My response to either of the answers will be: "Then you are doing it wrong." "Mobile strategy" was the Industry buzz word between 2011 to 2015. Every conference I  attended proclaimed that it was the "year of mobile" (every year). Clients used to demand that they need a mobile strategy. They never saw the mobile … Continue reading Do you have a mobile strategy?

A look in to the funnel.

I often come across many queries (especially from SMBs / Start-ups / Growth hacking ninjas) who advocate only lower the funnel approach. The point they make is, there are enough opportunities at bottom funnel and it doesn't make sense to build the top line. It's a valid point. Unless, when you want to grow your … Continue reading A look in to the funnel.

The right metric for digital campaigns.

It depends. Let me explain. There are broadly 2 kinds of advertisers. Brands that close the sales loop online Brands that doesn't For brands #2, the key parameters revolve around efficiency and top-line metrics like eCPM, CPC etc. Since the action takes places offline, its harder to do direct co-relation of performance uplift to the creative … Continue reading The right metric for digital campaigns.

Digital marketing in the blockchain era. It’s time to look at throughput instead of output.

Blockchain and AI. Most meetings in 2018 will either start or ends with these topics. The application of throughput changed the first industrial revolution where the innovation was around producing a quality product at scale in lesser time at much cheaper cost. The scenario is no different now.