AI in Martech.


I often come across my agency friends, students, folks in Quora who asks me whether AI will change digital marketing as we know it. To which I usually tell them: It’s not whether, but when.

While we all aware that AI will impact every industry, it’s not new to Adtech. In fact, Adtech might be one of the first to implement AI long back before it’s a fancy buzz word that is today.

If you have used Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager or any Self-serve or DSP, chances are AI is already playing a significant role in your campaigns. And you would have experienced the benefits of AI in optimisation, number crunching, forecasting etc.

But the real power of AI is in its ability to stitch the pre-click knowledge to post click enhancements. This is where the real power of AI will be fully utilised. CDP (Customer data platform) is slowly becoming the core of future ready businesses overtaking DMP (Data Management Platform), and Creative Management Platforms (CMP) and DCO (dynamic creative optimisation) are getting smarter every day.

We are at a real pivotal moment. Top tech companies like Adobe, Salesforce, Google, Facebook and consulting companies like Deloitte Digital etc are re-imagining everything in marketing with AI / ML at its centre that processes trillions of data points and makes microsecond decisions in real time and executing at scale with Atomic precision.

I believe AI will not change just the Marketing Strategy but will transform the whole business with seamless execution of end to end customer experience right from customer identification > targeting > experience and funnel fulfilment.

Exciting days ahead.

Disclaimer: I work for Adobe and opinions expressed are of my own and not that of my employer.

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