About Me


“I would like to explore Advertising as a career option”. 

When I told this to my parents in 2003 they had no clue that there is a career option in Advertising. Like typical South Indian parents, they thought that after my bachelor’s in Computer science, I would choose masters in the same field and will become a Software engineer. To their surprise, I chose to do my master’s in Mass Communications instead, and for a simple reason: I wanted to follow my talent.  (Have it been following my heart, I would have become a chef).

I am blessed to have a career that has everything. Massive successes, gut-wrenching failures, many firsts, also-rans and more.

I had the opportunity to work for the best managers one could dream of, and to collaborate with some of the sharpest minds in the business, consulting not one but a bunch of iconic brands of our times,  Zero to one phase of a startup, India’s eCommerce superstar, a 35-year-old iconic company of our times that keeps reinventing itself.

I also met some extraordinary humans who shaped me into what I am today: A growth-obsessed marketer who loves building a well-oiled marketing engine that fuels business growth.

I intend to use this platform to share my thoughts on 3 things that fascinate me: Marketing, Technology, and Life.

Good day,
Manoj Kandasamy.

(Note: Views expressed on my blog are my own and not that of my employer or clients)
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