Book review of the month: The Four by Prof. Scott Galloway.


Image result for the four by scott

Once you follow  Professor Scott Galloway or subscribe to his Youtube channel there’s no going back. It’s fascinating to come across such a fresh point of view and insights.

Now his book “The Four”, is a league on its own.

There are hundreds of books that criticise big tech companies. Those books focus on a specific company or an industry.  But The Four is different. It takes all the big players and their respective industries! Scott is pretty honest in his criticism and with every chapter, you will start to look at the big four differently.

I loved the way he deep dives into the DNA of each company and details how they started, their pivotal moment(s), where they headed and more importantly how will they shape the ecosystem when they have it their way into the future.

And his analysis of the top contenders for the fifth horseman is pretty interesting as well.

I personally found his career tips for young folks to thrive in a future dominated by the four pretty useful.

In a nutshell, this book doesn’t make you hate these four companies. Rather this will help you to look at things that are behind the scenes and help you prepare for the future.

Still wondering whether it’s worth buying this book? Listen to the professor.


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