Do you have a mobile strategy?


My response to either of the answers will be: “Then you are doing it wrong.”

“Mobile strategy” was the Industry buzz word between 2011 to 2015. Every conference I  attended proclaimed that it was the “year of mobile” (every year). Clients used to demand that they need a mobile strategy. They never saw the mobile wave coming. I personally believe 2012 is truly the “Year of Mobile”. Till 2011, mobile internet usage was a driven by desktop users who were already part of the digital bandwagon. Only in 2012, we witnessed new internet users who began their internet journey via mobile, bypassing the desktop. That’s the pivotal moment.

Fast forward, 2017. I assume at least 50% of internet users might be mobile natives (who started their internet journey from a mobile device). I don’t think we need a research to prove that users spend more time browsing on mobile than PC. You might be doing it wrong if you are crafting your device strategy. With programmatic buying, devices are just one more variable among 40 others. What matters now not the device strategy, but the customer path optimisation. For e.g. user form any device should have a seamless brand experience. It might make sense to craft your data strategy than device strategy now.

Think from a customer perspective on whether it makes sense to adapt the desktop creative on to mobile OR having the same CTA that you have on video ad on mobile. Small details like these make or break your performance. What makes the native ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter work? Because they put their users at the centre and not the “ad”.

Let me make it simpler. Do you mind if you get a customer via desktop OR mobile?



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